Churches of Christ Are Non-Denominational

We are neither tied to nor governed by the rules pertaining to a particular religious denomination. Hence, we are not bound by creeds or overseeing boards. This church is locally governed and finds its direction in the Bible, both old and new testaments.



Our Teaching Comes Directly From The Bible

In the Bible we find that the word “church” is from two words that combine to mean “the called out.” Christians then, are those who have been called out of the world of darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ.

The Bible uses metaphors to tell us that the church has several more identities.


It is called the Body of Christ in the Bible. The head is Christ and each person is a body member. There are no differences to be noted in the value of various body members.  Each member must do his or her part well.


The church is also referred to as The Family of God.

The information above demands that we look to Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. Since we believe that wherever God has a child we have a brother or sister, there is no way of knowing how many members we have around the world.


We believe that one is not born in sin, but that sin comes as a result of being tempted to go against God. This is the action of one mature enough to make adult-like decisions, not a baby.

We believe that Jesus is the one and only Saviour and that we are saved from sin’s consequences by God’s grace through our faith in Jesus the One who died to pay the price.  


The Bible tells us that out of faith in Jesus one must repent of his or her sins. Repentance involves concluding that our attitudes and or actions are wrong in God’s sight and then we must feel remorse and make an about turn in our lives.


People who wished to be saved and have come to faith in Jesus and are willing to repent must then be baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and at that point we will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit of God.


It is God who adds saved people to our number, therefore one cannot join the church simply on his own volition.

We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin and was crucified for each one of us. We eagerly await His return to take us to heaven as He has promised.





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