Occasionally we hear someone saying, “I don’t go to church ‘cause the building would fall down,” meaning, “ I never go, would not fit in and would not be welcome.” If the “not welcome” part has any truth to it, than the person had not tried visiting here. We have come to the understanding expressed by John Newton, who many years ago saw a drunk man wobbling along and said, “There, but for the grace of God, go I”

In our earthly state, we still understand that there is no one, not a single person, member of this or another church or just a visitor, who has any right to thing differently. At worst we are lost sinners, whom Jesus came to seek and save, and, at best, we are saved sinners, those who have recognized their low, lost estate and have called upon Jesus to save them.

This church is made of people just like you. We different in specific interests, hobbies, priorities and life’s employment, but we are all sinners—Romans 3:23, and that makes puts a burden on us to make sure we do not reap the consequences of those sins. They should be our responsibility but our Gracious God has seen fit to supply a suitable substitute. His name is Jesus and He was born so that “He will save his people from their sins.”-Matthew 1:21. You can find a place right. Why? Read Roman 6:23 and rejoice.

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Grimsby Ontario
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Worship - 10 AM
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Peak of the Week - 7 PM

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