We noted last week that the letter of John called Revelation has a point of origin and a destination. What about the time element? Here is what we find relative to the time of application.
Rev. 1:1- The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His bondservants, the things which must soon take place
Rev. 1:3– Blessed is he who reads…..and heeds … for the time is near
Rev. 22:6- the things which must soon take place
Rev. 22:10- “….for the time is near. “

“Soon” in these verses is the word found in II Timothy 4: 9- Make every effort to come to me soon. We get understanding from v.21. where he asks Timothy to come before winter. Soon means soon.

“Near” is the same as found in Mark 1:15– Jesus was promising the kingdom would come about 50 days after his death. This “near” is sometimes called “at hand.” Someone is bound to remember II Peter 3:8– God doesn't distinguish between one day and one thousand years.. However in passage in Revelation God is talking to human beings so this does not apply. This would be very confusing and misleading if we read in John that Lazarus had been dead for four days, and we then began to believe it might be many thousands. Revelation is a letter like Romans or James.

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