When we go to the dictionary to find out the meaning of baptism, it soon becomes clear that the lexicographer got his information from traditions of the churches. We find there that any one of three “modes” of baptism will suffice. However, when we turn the Bible, the scene changes. It is an immersion, plain and simple. Here is how we know:

Word Meaning: Baptism was not translated into English. It has been transliterated– brought into our language with minor changes while remaining the same. The Bible word for baptism is baptisma. This word literally means “to dip, plunge or immerse.” It was the common word used for dying a piece of cloth. Only immersion got the job done.

Bible Use: We read in John 3:23 that “ much” water was required. Philip met the request of the man from Ethiopia by having them both “go down into the water,” and he baptized (immersed) him, and they “came up out of the water.” Baptism is called a “burial” in the Bible. Romans 6:1-4 allows us to see that Christians are those who have been buried and raised to a new life.


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